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From my heart to yours

I sincerely appreciate your decision to click on this interface of my website. You may have read about me and the life transforming sessions I have had with other people in the past. It’s been said over and over again, that you need a mentor to be able to help you succeed faster in life, I am a living proof!

I am a firm believer in, and advocate for personal/self-leadership; however, over the years I have come to understand that we all need the support and platforms of significant people in our lives to succeed. No fruitful human being can stand to say he or she achieved success single-handedly; we are all designed to add value to people, just as we are being enriched by others too!

I strongly believe that this is one of the reasons why we are all born into a family; it takes more than a tree to make a forest. It takes the input of others in our lives to make us complete. My mentoring journey started as a teenager. I was raised by a single mum and as a result, I had no father figure while growing up. My mum had to play the active roles of being a mother and a father simultaneously to me and my three siblings
Growing up was quite tough, but somewhere along the line I became quite active in the youth ministry in my church, and because of my unique personality, the youth coordinator at the time got interested in helping me navigate through my adolescent phase smoothly. I confided in him than I did my mum way back then. I told him when I had my first kiss – oh yes! I was that open to him and sincere. This is also because he was always ready to listen with a non-judgmental mind-set and spoke the truth to me in love.

I never knew I was being mentored. I just knew that his counsel yielded the right results, and it gave me the much-needed direction in my life at the time. The interesting thing about the whole story is that even when I gained admission into the university and did not get to see my youth coordinator often anymore, his words reverberated in my heart. Presently, we both attend the same church, and when we get to see from time to time, he would always whisper into my ears, “I am so proud of you.”
Sometime later in December 2015, a close friend of mine told me about an annual structured mentoring programme put together by Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ). I decided to check out the website to immediately apply for the mentorship programme, and fortunately I was selected to be a part of the programme
When we had the first physical meeting, we were informed that over a thousand women had applied, but about 50 of us were finally selected to participate for that year. I was introduced to my mentor on the induction day, and it was such a memorable moment for me, as I am still in active contact with her till date. That year I experienced a 360-degree shift in my life both personally and professionally. Afterwards, I made up my mind to share this experience with others (individuals and organizations), and choose to continually get myself mentored every year.

In December 2016, I was informed by a friend about the ‘Too Late to be Nobody’ community led by Remi Owadokun. I had to empty all the money in my bank account then to sign up for the mentoring programme in 2017. I learnt a lot from Remi, and because she is based in Brazil, we had to leverage a lot on technology to get tasks done.

I also did something amazing. I created a virtual mentoring programme for free, after an event I organised for educators in January 2017. I had total of about 25 attendees at that event and we got started. What I did to get started was to put all the resources and experience I had gathered from the two mentoring programmes I had been a part of to create something specific for my target audienc

Over the years my mentoring programme has produced other mentors and leaders who have been equipped to elevate and reproduce other mentors as well. I have had the opportunity to mentor over one hundred (100) people in the last three years (as at the time of creating this website). I have also been earned reasonable and legitimate income from it so much so I was able to successfully transit from being a full-time employee to becoming an entrepreneur

In 2019, I became voracious in my quest to become better and grow sporadically in various areas of my life. I chose three people to mentor me. The first mentor I chose would mentor me in the area of educational consultancy, the second person was a wealth coach, while the third person would mentor me in the area of business consultancy.
I also became a certified leadership mentor and coach April, 201
I have just concluded my virtual mentoring program with the Cherrie Blair Mentoring Program for women (United Kingdom). In November 2020, I became a fellow and professional mentor and coach with the Chartered Institute of Corporate mentoring and Coaching Nigeria.
 There is one true fact that has always worked for me, and this is it: With access to the right information, the right support system and mentoring, I have progressively soared.

I had to invest over a million Naira, to mentored in the last two years. This have consistently helped me hit my monthly and yearly goals and provide support for others as well.

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

  • John Crosby

I will like to define mentoring as a frame of reference which may be structured, semi-structured or unstructured in which an individual shares insight, ability to do something, as well past experiences to provide support in one or more areas of life. Basically, what the definition implies is that anything you want to achieve in life or in the near future, is actually some other person’s reality today.

So, why reinvent the wheel? It is wisdom to look out for that person, learn from his or her own mistakes, and listen to what he or she has to tell you so you can move on in life as fast as possible. In case you are not able to have access to the person physically, you can always buy his/her books, sign up for the courses the person has created or the podcasts produced by the person.

I once heard someone say, “Experience is the best teacher especially when it is not yours.” That got me thinking, and it helped me reinforce why I needed to be mentored early in life

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